Introduction Edit

Sam Maxwell, also known as Princess Crystal, is the main protagonist of the Senshi Guardians series. She is the present day reincarnation of Princess Crystal of Tuscan and the civilian identity of Sailor Icicle.

Early Life Edit

Samantha "Sam" Mary Maxwell was born on January 12, 2000 in Constanta, Romania. Her parents are Lewis and Ruby Maxwell. Until the tender age of five, Sam was doted on and adored by both her parents, who were drinkers. When she turned five, her father hit her for the first time after she accidentally dropped a bottle on the floor. After that, both her parents released their aggression on her, beating her and putting her down. She made her first true friend when she was six, and his name was Dean Wesson. They met through Dean's little brother, Tommy, who is Sam's age. One day after school, Sam brought Dean home so they could hang out. While they were watching a movie, Ruby came home without her husband and was horrendously drunk. When she saw her daughter had brought home a friend without permission, Ruby flew off the handle and tried to beat her child. Dean, however, stepped in and took the beating for Sam, who ran to her father's office for a defense weapon. She found Lewis's pocket knife and decided to use it, running back to the living room and stabbing her mother in defense. After that, the abuse from her father became worse, him believing she killed her mother out of malice. The abuse continued until she was 15, moving out and going to stay with a friend.

Her Past Life Edit

In her past life, Sam was known as Princess Crystal on the planet, Tuscan. Tuscan was an icy yet beautiful planet. It had ice blue leaves on their trees, pale yellow roses, mint green grass, and deep blue oceans. Her kingdom was formerly known as the Crystal Millennium. She was the oldest child and only daughter of King and Queen Crystal. Her only other sibling was Prince Crystal, who was reincarnated as Jared Maxwell. Like any other princess, Princess Crystal grew up heavily protected in her castle. Her guardians all were hired from the other planets in the Solar system: Mars (Dani), Mercury (Edlyn), Jupiter (Perrie), and Venus (Emma). She obeyed her parents about staying on Tuscan until she was sixteen years old. Her first visit to another planet was to Earth, where she met her lover, Prince Liev. Prince Liev is also the past incarnation of Sam's lover, Austin Smith. Two years after meeting each other, Tuscan's greatest enemy, Black Fire, launched an attack with her two sidekicks, Poisoned Mind and Corrupted Heart. All of Crystal's guardians and her parents fought against the enemy, but they were all killed in battle. Princess Crystal had been ordered to leave with her brother before the battle began, but Black Fire got to them before they could leave. Both the royal siblings were then killed by Black Fire, who was trying to obtain the Crystal Heart for her boss, Queen Contessa. However, thanks to Queen Crystal and her Tuscan scepter, the Crystal Heart was stored with Princess Crystal when she was reincarnated.

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