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The Senshi Guardians is a teen fantasy, drama, and fiction series that began its run in March 2015, created by Demon-Girl-From-Hell on DeviantART. The series is a mix of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon series (The Girls having Senshi forms and being from the Solar System planets), Eric Kiepke's Supernatural series (The series having the same Supernatural elements), and S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders (The girls being best friends with the Greasers and having the Socs as enemies). The Senshi Guardians are also associated with Rose9227614's Greaser Girls Club.

About the Senshi Guardians

The Senshi Guardians are a group of five teenage girls who have elemental powers. The main members are Sam Maxwell, Edlyn Maxwell, Perrie Wesson, Dani Mason, and Emma Stoner. Honorary members are Austin Smith and Dean Wesson. The group's leader is Sam herself, and she is the main protagonist. At the age of 15, she discovers with help from her friend, Mary, that she is a sailor guardian and also a lost Princess of a lost planet from her past life. With help from her friends, she goes through multiple journeys to find herself and keep her enemy, Sophia Littleton, from taking over the world.


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